Stage Photos: BC Cup 2023

Your professional Stage photo package includes both your INDIVIDUAL SHOTS and COMPARISON SHOTS, and will cover both pre-judging and finals. Essentially, any time you're onstage! You will receive all your stage shots on your own private gallery within 14 days of your competition, and will remain live for one year from the show date.

PRICE: $160

Of course, you can purchase in-person at the athlete's meeting too.

A $100 POST SHOW FEE APPLIES FOR PURCHASES AFTER THE COMPETITION DAY. You can purchase in-person at the athlete's meeting too.

See you at the show, and keep slaying your prep!


Progress tracking: Bodybuilders use stage photos to track their progress and see how their physique has changed over time. This helps them evaluate their training and nutrition regimen and make adjustments as necessary to continue making progress.

Motivation: Bodybuilding is a long-term commitment that requires discipline, dedication, and hard work. Stage photos can serve as motivation for bodybuilders to stay on track and keep working towards their goals.

Legacy: Bodybuilding is a sport with a rich history and culture, and stage photos are a part of that history. For many bodybuilders, their stage photos serve as a lasting record of their achievements and the hard work they put in to achieve them.

Your coach can see what went right, and what went wrong, and make adjustments for your next competition.

If requesting feedback from the judges, these are the photos you will need to submit to them.

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