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If you’re looking for the best fitness photographer for your next fitness photoshoot, then you gotta talk to CPA photographer and competitor Ray Urner!

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Damn, You Have Huge Calves!

Yeah, Ray hears that a lot! When asked what his secret to growing his calves is, he tells people to go back in time, become an overweight teenager, but a super active one. “True, I’d eat a giant bag of Doritos and drink a Super Slurpee from 7-11 every day. But I also ran, played hockey, and rode my bike everywhere. My calves had to carry my fat ass all over the place. Then when I cleaned up my diet and started training, I just never lost the mass. And the quads just kind of came with the package.” Come for the fitness photography, walk away with some solid fitness tips!

i'm ready!

Ray Urner is widely recognized as one of North America’s top fitness photographers. Also an active classic physique and open bodybuilding competitor with the Canadian Physique Alliance, and married to IFBB Figure Pro Mandy Urner, Ray lives and breathes the fitness lifestyle that you do. This allows him a unique insight that other fitness photographers simply do not have. From first time competitors to numerous IFBB pros and WWE superstars, Ray has helped hundreds of athletes get the best photos of their lives.

Ray has access to the top gyms in the Vancouver area (West Coast Iron and Powerhouse FX), as well as spectacular outdoor locations, and is also available for worldwide travel. So whether you’re at peak week for your first fitness competition, a seasoned IFBB pro, or an aspiring fitness model and influencer, choosing the right fitness photographer is an important decision for you to make.

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