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I Loved Ray’s Work The First Time I Saw It. After I Met With Him To Discuss My Photo Shoot Goals And Share A Little About My Journey He Jumped In With Both Feet. Ray Was More Excited To Create A Day Of Adventure And Fun For Me Than I Could Ever Have Imagined. He Made Me Feel Like A Super Model!! Ray’s Spontaneity And Enthusiasm Was Infectious And What An Adventure We Had. From The Shores Of The Fraser River To The Mountain Lookouts Of The Golden Ears And Finishing Up At My Favourite Gym Was The Cherry On Top. He Caught Such Authenticity & Beauty In Every Shot, It’s Going To Be Tough To Pick My Favourites.
- Lorie (yoga instructor)

“You’re The Only Photographer That Actually Encourages Me To Smile/Laugh For Pictures❤️ And I Love That You Make Me Actually Laugh With A Joke To Capture A True Genuine Moment Instead Of Saying “Look Intense” Like 99.9% Of Fitness Photographers 🙏🏼”
- Tania H (CPA bikini competitor)

"Man those images are fantastic!! You even made me a little less ugly and that’s not easy to do! It Was Great Meeting You Ray, You Guys Made An Ol Guy Feel Very Comfortable In A Very Uncomfortable Position, Thank You For That"
- CT Fletcher

“Had My First Shoot With Ray A Little Over A Week Ago. In The Beginning I Was Nervous Since It Was My First Photoshoot However Ray Went Above And Beyond To Make Sure I Was Comfortable, And Believe It Or Not It Felt Like He Was Not Even There! That’s How Good He Is At What He Does! Definitely Would Recommend, If You’re Looking For An Industry Professional Who Is Going To Go Above And Beyond For You Then Ray Is Your Man! Thank You Ray, Can’t Wait To Do This Again Soon! 👍🏼”
- Zaine, classic physique (Vancity Showdown 2020)

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Hey, show promotors!

We love doing backstage photography at your bodybuilding shows. It’s a great opportunity for the athletes competing in your show to receive their own private photoshoot AT THE SHOW!

Ray Urner Photography is equipped with a fully portable studio that we can set up at a convenient spot backstage, and we’re there all day, so the athletes can do their shoot at their convenience. And of course, if they win hardware later on in the day, they’re more than welcome to come do another set of photos!

We have worked with top tier IFBB talent doing backstage studio photography including 2x Mr Olympia Big Ramy, Roelly Winklaar, and one of the greatest Ms. Bikini Olympias of all time, Angelica Teixeira.

Interested in providing backstage photography at your next show? Let’s talk!

Studio & Backstage

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Show promotors! If you’re looking for high quality stage photography for your bodybuilding competition, then look no further. Top quality, fast turn around time, and fully sanctioned by the Canadian Physique Alliance.

One thing you’ll notice right away about Ray Urner Photography’s competition photos is that they do not look like your normal stage photos. To be clear, Ray absolutely takes the standard stage photos, both solo and comparisons. After all, that’s what the promotors, magazines, coaches and competitors want. But on his absolute favourite photos, he likes to add his artistic flair to give his clients something different, unique, and memorable – these are your art pieces!

Ray has experience photographing IFBB competitions, as well as both NPC and CPA competitions.

Want more info? Contact Ray at the button below!

Fitness Competition

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Our on-location shoots are where Ray Urner Photography REALLY shines! And the best part is, there is literally no limit to the kind of artwork and content we can create!

There are just so many epic locations out here on the west coast! We’ve got beaches, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, cityscapes, majestic sunsets, and they all make outstanding backdrops for your fitness photoshoot. And hey, I’m always up for a hike or an adventure to get to those out-of-the-way spots!

Of course, if the great outdoors are not your jam, there are lots of great indoor options that don’t require a studio or a gym! Get yourself a fancy hotel room in downtown Vancouver or an AirBNB for the night, and we can easily work our photo magic there too.

And if we’re on the road in another city like Las Vegas or Los Angeles, let’s hit up those iconic spots!

Let’s start brainstorming your once in a lifetime photoshoot!

On Location

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The classic and iconic spot for your fitness photoshoot – the gym!

You’ve seen the bodybuilding legends with their insane and intense gym photoshoots – well now it’s YOUR turn!

We love shooting at West Coast Iron in Port Coquitlam (hey, it’s the west coast mecca!) but if you have access to private gyms, we love shooting in those too!

So whether you’re late into Peak Week, or you just competed yesterday, or ANYWHERE along your fitness journey that you’d like to document, the gym is the perfect place to do it.

In The Gym

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Pro Wrestling

Ray has been involved in the Pacific Northwest wrestling scene since 1997, as an active performer until 2015 (and sporadically since then - no one ever REALLY hangs up their boots, right?) and as a photographer since then. If you’re a promoter looking for killer show photos, or talent looking for new promo material for social media and the merch booth, Ray Urner Photography will get you EXACTLY what you need to help get yourself over!

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