Mr. Olympia Expo 2017


The Olympia Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Centre has quickly become one of the highlights of the entire year!  Coming back with an entire suitcase full of supplement samples is pretty f’n cool, as is being able to try all the latest and greatest on the market!  No Rich Piana and no 5% Nutrition booth created a bit of a black cloud of course, but we made the best of it.

Met some cool people as well, of course.  Ran into Paulo “The FREAK” Almeida, who is definitely one of the nice guys in the business.  Mandy and Terry enjoyed meeting UFC star Max Holloway.  We also spent a few minutes chatting with Allison Warrell at the B-Up booth, and Jay Cutler at the BPI booth.  (And hey, you know I had rep my #VNFT!)


Ray Urner Fitness Photography

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