an inside look at peak week: popeye’s fall classic 2017


Ever want to know what a bodybuilder’s peak week REALLY looks like? (Well… you probably already know. But here’s MY experience in vlog form!)
This is a look at my peak week leading up to the BCABBA 2017 Popeye’s Fall Classic, as I get ready to compete in the classic physique division!
Saturday Nov. 11: My long awaited return to Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling – I figured since I was one week out from a show, I’d probably look pretty good!

Sunday Nov. 12: Final posing practice with our coach Tamara Knight, and then it’s off to downtown Vancouver to have Peter Sawan from Muscle Medic Aesthetics  do some shaping and fascia destruction, and buy Rocky Mountain Chocolates for backstage at the show (the peanut butter cup will BLOW YOUR MIND)

Monday Nov. 13: Killing LEGS at Gold’s Gym Langley.  Final leg day!

Tuesday Nov. 14: As bodybuilders, we all have GARBAGE days when we’re exhausted, run down, and just feel like a zombie.  This was one of those days.  But I do show off my post-show craft beer stash, so there’s that.

Wednesday Nov. 15: My infamous Halloween candy cache revealed!

Thursday Nov. 16: One of the most EPIC cheat weekend hauls you will EVER see.  We travelled far and wide for the BEST and most UNIQUE treats!  (We ended up dropping close to $500 in junk food, FYI)

Friday Nov. 17: Such a busy day!  Registration, taunting from the legendary Rey Rey, gaining street cred in the bodybuilding world with pink and black Zubaz, ending up on Guy Cisternino’s Instagram story, singing happy birthday to Flex Lewis, and sifting through the athlete’s swag bag that promotor Tarik Rahiman put together!

Saturday Nov. 18: SHOW DAY!!!!!!!!!  Check out all the crazy backstage antics that go BEHIND the scenes at a bodybuilding show.  Plus, you want to see how I did, right?!  Stage photos courtesy of David Ford Photography.

Sunday Nov. 19: Photoshoot day with Greg Cleaver Photography, but the most important thing of life…. POST SHOW CHEAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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