10000 calorie challenge accepted!!

Ok, a quick break from photography for some shenanigans!

My wife Mandy threw down the gauntlet by telling me there was absolutely no way I could complete the 10000 Calorie Challenge.  She used a few more colorful disses and a lot more colorful language, so naturally, I had to prove her WRONG.

Did I finish it?!  Watch the video and find out!  Watch me annihilate Denny’s, pizza, multiple pints of Ben & Jerry’s, McDonalds… And sandwiched in between all that was a BRUTAL leg workout at West Coast Iron gym in Port Coquitlam!

If the video gets 1500 views, I promised to do the 15000 calorie challenge next!  What kinds of foods would you want to see me stuff down my foodhole?!  Comment below and let me know!!

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