Mandy Urner IFBB Pro visits Protein House Las Vegas

A little promo video that Mandy and I put together for Protein House in Las Vegas!

Here’s the backstory –
Protein House boss lady, IFBB pro Larissa Reis, is friends with our fascia release specialist Peter Sawan from Muscle Medic Aesthetics.  (Sidebar, if you’re a competitor and NOT using his services, man, you’re crazy).  Peter set this up with Larissa for us, then after a brutal chest and shoulder workout at the Green Valley Las Vegas Athletic Club, we walkup up to Protein House and did your thing.

And you know I had to have a meal while I was there.  Double bison, baby.  DOUBLE BISON!!!!  Sorry, I digress….

Back to the important stuff – Mandy at this point was 16 weeks out from her pro debut in Toronto, so it was important for her diet to stay on point during vacation.  And with great healthy options like this who also do full meal prep, there is absolutely ZERO reason for any competitor to not be able to remain 100% on point for their diet.  Macros perfectly measured out to your personal needs and goals.

Anyway, hope y’all enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed my double bison meal!

And just for the hell of it, here are myself and Mandy with boss lady Larissa Reis, from a couple Olympias ago, which happened to be their fourth anniversary. Check out the full post HERE!

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