Big Ramy IFBB Pro at the 2019 Popeye’s Fall Classic

Big Ramy was actually supposed to guest pose at the 2018 Popeye’s Fall Classic, but unfortunately, his Visa didn’t get approved.  Thankfully, Popeye’s promotor Tarik Rahiman is RELENTLESS, and busted his ass to make sure that Big Ramy could guest pose at the 2019 Popeye’s Fall Classic show.  And did he ever!

I was lucky enough to get him in my studio for a few minutes.  Let me tell you, this man is INSANELY huge.  His rumored weight was 350 pounds (though, after I sent the photo to Dave Palumbo at RX Muscle, he called BS on that number). But for reference, I’m pretty sure his quadriceps is bigger than my waist….

Look for Big Ramy in 2020 at the Arnold Classic in Ohio, as he’ll be competing directly against your 2018 Mr. Olympia (and 2016 Popeye’s Fall Classic guest poser), Shawn Rhoden.  And then hopefully, off to the Olympia!

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