Vancouver Fitness Photographer: Meg Csanyi IFBB Figure Pro at the othello tunnels


This shoot was a LONG time in the making – over a year in fact!  But shhhhhhh, we’re going to blame her and not me…. For being in Edmonton.  😛

At this point, I believe Meg was 6 weeks out from the 2019 Toronto Pro Supershow Pro Qualifier.  And she happened to find herself out in Kelowna, and wanted to make the rest of the trip out to shoot with me.  After some crazy travel like that, we knew we had to make it MORE than worthwhile!

We met out in Hope, and started shooting out near the mouth of the Fraser River.  The best part about being so far out of the city, we could do a beach style shoot without a billion other people. (Vancouver beaches are f’n PACKED!)

Then a few shots for her sponsor, Strapt Apparel.

And finally, out to the Othello Tunnels.  Perfect time of year to hit the tunnels too, we ALMOST had them all to ourselves!

Oh, to answer the obvious question (that you should already know the answer to, if you read the title of this post!) – Meg went on to compete in Toronto, WIN, and win her pro card!

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