Vancouver Fitness Photography: Mike’s Mopar Muscle

To say that bodybuilding runs strong in Mike’s family would be a huge understatement.  His daughter Mandy is an IFBB figure pro.  His son-in-law competes in the classic physique division (I also need to add that said son-in-law is an amazing photographer, is drop dead gorgeous AF, and has a great set of calves.)  Hell, his ex-wife won Canadian Nationals in 2017.  Mike himself has never competed, but he’s always enjoyed hitting the gym.  So…. What would happen if he did a standard 16 week contest prep?

He still had no desire to step on stage mind you, but he DID want to know what the experience would be like.  So instead of having a bodybuilding competition as a goal, we were going to have a photoshoot with his favorite cars (and also his favorite non-human, Sophie) as a goal!

We enlisted the help of trainer extraordinare Tamara Knight to help him with his prep.  He started at 202 pounds, and 16 weeks later, was down to 181 pounds.  And he had abs for the first time in his life!

I love stories like this because they go against everybody that says garbage like “I can’t do this” or “I’m too old to do that.”  NOTHING is impossible!

Maybe THIS summer we can convince him to make his stage debut! You know… As soon as shows start running again. 😛

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