Vancouver Fitness Photographer: Lenka Grahamova


Athlete: Lenka Grahamova
Show: T-Zone Fitness Natural Championships
Category: Figure
Shoot Location: Pitt Meadows

You know one of my absolute most favorite things about the people in the fitness industry?  They’re so damn inspirational.  Everyone has their own story behind their transformation, and their own set of obstacles to overcome.  Take Lenka here, for example.  She lost her husband to cancer last year, and she had to learn how to be a single mom to four kids, while still working and running a household.  And she STILL found the time to train and be healthy.  #NoExcuses
Amazing stuff.

We were kicking around photoshoot ideas, and she didn’t want to do the standard gym session.  She’s really gotten into motorbikes lately, and wanted to use those as inpso.  Hell yeah, count me in!  She doesn’t own her own bike yet (still taking classes!) but she has a couple friends with a couple KILLER bikes, so they made the trek out to Pitt Meadows with us, and graciously let us use their bikes in the photos!  (Perhaps there were ulterior motives – I mean, if an attractive lady wanted to model on MY motorcycle, then YUP!!)

Playing around with two bikes was awesome, and Lenka had several outfits with her, so we were able to get a LOT of variety in these photos in a short amount of time.

The weather was awesome, and the scenery along the North Alouette River was spectacular.  The perfect backdrop and setting for our photos!  We had an awesome west coast sunset, beautiful blue skies, and we played around with a red smoke grenade at the end.  Awesome night, and an awesome end to Lenka’s competition season.  Improvement season starts NOW, and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of package this girl brings to the stage next year!

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