Vancouver Fitness Photography: Shawn McCallum


Athlete: Shawn McCallum
Show: T-Zone Fitness Natural Championships
Category: Classic Physique and Men’s Physique
Shoot Location: Powerhouse FX, Aldergrove

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now (and you HAVE been, right?!) then you’re familiar with Shawn.  If not, let me catch you up real quick.  Bad accident as a teenager, was in a coma, had part of his brain cut out, had to re-learn how to walk, talk, eat, and to this day, he suffers effects from the accident.  But does it stop him from living a full life, and going to the gym?  NOT A FUKKING CHANCE.

These photos were taken a couple days before the 2019 Natural Championships, where he SLAYED IT onstage.  Second place!

I’m going to borrow one of his Instagram posts here (@Shawnfmcc, give him a follow), because he says it so much better than I do.

“Be grateful and appreciate everything that you have, even the little things that you take for granted.  Be thankful for everything.  Be thankful for your smell, your vision, your taste, your balance, and even the little things like being able to write with your dominant hand.
It’s not easy relearning how to walk, talk, eat, or even simple things like writing, typing, or holding things etc.  But I don’t let any of that hold me back.  I work harder than anybody will know, but I love the challenge!  Working out and competing is a privilege, and I love the daily challenge at the gym with all of my workouts.  I give it my all in and out of the gym 365 days a year striving to be bigger and better #noexcuses.  Competing brings out the best in me.  I am my biggest competition.
Don’t dwell on the speed bumps put out in front of you on your journey, accept them and power through and break barriers.
I don’t do it to impress anyone.  I do it for myself.  As the song says “‘I love this sh!t’”


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