Hadi Choopan at the 2019 Vancouver Pro/Am & Expo


Athlete: Hadi Choopan
Show: Vancouver Pro/Am & Expo 2019
Class: Men’s Open Bodybuilding
Venue: Hard Rock, Coquitlam
Shot for: RX Muscle

Oh man, what a treat THIS was, seeing the Persian Wolf on North American soil!

Hadi Choopan completely dominated this class, beating Nathan DeAsha, Lukas Osladil, Iain Valliere, and Josh Wade.  Seriously, I’ve never seen a physique like this up close in my entire life.  The size, the symmetry, the conditioning, the presentation, everything was on point.

Normally he competes in the 212 division, so it was f’n AWESOME to see him compete with the “big boys.”  Not sure if it was because he didn’t make weight, or if it was for shits and giggles.  Either way, he flat out dominated.

Not sure if getting the travel Visa to Canada will help him in the future, but we can all hope.  After his win, while he was being interviewed on stage, he was visibly tearing and choking up at the prospect of not being able to compete in the Olympia.  The dude definitely has a lot of support.

But it was still a treat for us lucky people in Vancouver to witness this spectacle.  Dude was having a blast on stage, killed it on his presentation, and was super fun to watch during the epic posedown.  Here’s hoping that one year soon, we’ll see him grace that Olympia stage!

(Edit… Guess I spoke too soon on that last bit – Hadi was a FORCE at the 2019 Olympia!)

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