Derek Thiessen at West Coast Iron


Athlete: Derek Thiessen
Show: Vancouver Pro/Am & Expo 2019
Class: Men’s Physique
Shoot Location: West Coast Iron, Port Coquitlam

My training partner a few times before he moved out to Abbotsford!.  I met Derek several years ago when I was doing a group shot for #VNFT, and he was one of the athletes.  One of the nicest guys you’re ever going to meet.

I followed his progress for this prep because hey, he’s my friend, and I care, damnit! 

Little sidenote – I was photographing the next day’s Pro Show for RX Muscle, but I brought my gear to the amateur show so I could get all my tech settings dialed in.  So I snapped a couple stage photos of Derek.  Check out how he looked on stage at the Van Pro.  Huge, lean, and PEELED!  Plus those shoulders are just insane.  His IG is @bouldershoulderphysique for good reason, don’t ya think?!

Now, let’s get on to our actual photo shoot!

First of all, I have to say that I REALLY love shooting at West Coast Iron.  As awesome of a gym as it is to train in, it’s equally awesome to photograph athletes in.  The lighting is straight up f’n GORGEOUS!  (Like his smile 😉 )

The whole time throughout the shoot, he kept teasing me about a giant Monster Cookie that he had specially made for him.  As a HUGE fan of Monster Cookie (it’s one of my go-to hiking foods), I couldn’t wait to see and taste it.  Damn thing was practically the size of my entire head!!! 

Remember at the beginning of the blog where I went on about how Derek is one of the nicest guys you’re ever gonna meet?  Well after this, he marched his huge cookie into the gym to share it with the other athletes.  Now THAT’S the mark of a cool f’n dude!

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