vancouver fitness photographer: sean bennett, open bodybuilding


Athlete: Sean Bennett
Show: Okanagan Fitness Festival 2019
Class: Men’s Open Bodybuilding
Shoot Location: Powerhouse FX, Aldergrove 

Shot this badass several days after a strong showing in Kelowna!

I’m going to steal a few words off his Instagram @sean_dtsa – the athlete always says it so much better!

“Keep focused and moving forward no matter what!!!!  I appreciate and am so grateful to be able to compete and stay healthy in my 40s.  This sport means so much more to me than it did when I use to compete in my 20s.
At this point, it’s not all about myself.  I love inspiring and hearing from people that I have motivated them on their fitness journey.”

And he’s 100% right!  I love that dudes in their 40s (and beyond) are KILLING IT in the gym and with all their other goals.  To be fit is a CHOICE, much like rocking a Dadbod is a CHOICE.  I know which direction I’d rather go!

Now, let’s talk CALVES for a second!  (You know, that part that most guys are afraid to train for whatever reason)

First, don’t be the guy in this meme.  Be like Sean, and train your damn calves!! 

In the words of Sean again:
“A couple days ago, a young man at the gym said to me ‘Must be nice to have genetics for those calves.’  First thing I said is it has nothing to do with genetics.  I had stick legs when I started.  25 plus years training them and to make those fuckers grow you gotta hit them every other day!  Patience and persistence!”  

Now it’s time for my own old ass to hit the gym.  It’s shoulders day, god damnit!!  (If you don’t know where that bit comes from, then I’m not sure if we can be friends)

Keep killing it everybody!  No excuses EVER!


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