Vancouver Fitness Photographer: Behind the scenes of CT Fletcher for Muscle Insider Magazine


Oh man, talk about a sick AF experience, and what a way to end our 2016 Mr. Olympia experience.  I’m sure many of you in the BC fitness industry know the legendary Rey Rey from 6 Weeks Out, right?  He asked me to pinch hit for him at CT Fletcher’s gym in Las Vegas, Iron Addicts, for a shoot.  Long story short I was helping photograph the one and only Superman from Compton, CT Fletcher, for Muscle Insider

We added an extra day to our rental car (Really?  A POS Nissan Versa?  C’maaaaaaaaaaaan…..), and drove out to his gym.  This was a COOL f’n gym because it has such an oldschool vibe to it.  Serious lifters only in this place!

Shortly thereafter, fitness photographer Jason Ellis rolled in with his crew.  If you’re not familiar with this dude, well, you probably are and don’t know it.  He’s shot over 500 fitness magazine covers, so his title of “The King Of Covers” is definitely well earned.

And then, in strolls CT Fletcher!  He may kill me for saying this, but contrary to the loud and scary motherfucker you see in his videos (Check his YouTube Channel, it’s very entertaining and inspirational), he is quite possibly one of the nicest and most humble people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting.  After yelling out some of his classic lines to the camera (“Get yo’ muthafuckin’ ass to the gym!”), he was all smiles.

I was actually brought in to the shoot to do video, but you know I had to get some stills as well!  All the posing and lighting was expertly crafted by Jason Ellis and his team, so I can’t take credit for them.  But I will take credit for the behind the scenes shots, damnit!



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