Fine Art Nude Portraits by the lake


Aside from my own wife (obviously), Nancy is probably the girl I shoot most often.  Usually a couple times a year.  This girl is so versatile with her looks, her concepts and ideas, everything.  Not to mention she’s given me some of my favorite more risqué shoots (like the time we shot some amazing fine art nudes on Zoa Peak, or the time we tied her up in an abandoned train tunnel)

We didn’t have much of a concept for this shoot – honestly, we both just had an evening to kill, and just wanted to wing it.  We very loosely decided we’d do something with athletic clothing.  But when we got to our spot, Upper Coquitlam River Park (half an hour or so from Vancouver), we explored off-trail a bit, and found this quiet pond.  And we had it all to ourselves.  And you know what that means!  (You guessed it, nothing to do with athletic clothing AT ALL)


See, we did try to shoot athletic wear first… Honest!


Ray Urner Fitness Photography

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