The Best Supplements to Prepare for a Fitness Photo Shoot


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So, you’ve worked hard to get your body into incredible physical shape, and now you’ve booked your first fitness photoshoot. Congratulations! Whether you’re working towards becoming a full-time fitness model or looking to capture hard work results, you certainly want to look your absolute best for a photo shoot.

Many fitness models follow strict peak-week diet and workout plans to prepare for a photo shoot. With some trial and error, you can find the appropriate carb-deplete, carb-load for your unique body. The idea is that you starve your muscles of carbs and sugar for a short period, then you load them up. This gives your muscles the appearance of being much fuller and tighter than they might be.

You can also use supplements to help get you as lean as possible. It’s important to note here that these tips- the peak-week diet and the supplements – only work for the following conditions:

  1. Very, very short term. 

These tips are not sustainable, and you should not utilize them as a long-term weight loss solution.

2. You are already very lean and fit.

Dropping an extra couple of kilograms of water weight isn’t going to do anything if you have excess body fat covering your muscles.

This is not a judgement; it’s just not worth it if you’re not already lean.

These tips are for very short-term aesthetic purposes, and nothing more. With that said, these supplements can help you achieve that rock hard, cut appearance.

Diuretic Supplements for Photoshoots

Diuretics are a great place to start for short term aesthetic goals. 

What it is: Diuretics promote diuresis, which is the increased production of urine. 

What it does: By using natural diuretics, your body expels excess water and sodium. When you rid your body of excess water, your skin lays tight against the muscles you’ve worked so hard on. Typically, as a part of your peak-week diet, you’ll be cutting back on water significantly, so you’ll naturally shed some water weight, but diuretics help to push out even more water.

As a side note, remember, this is for temporary results. Dehydrating your body can be dangerous, so pay attention to your body. If you get a severe headache, experience dizziness or severe muscle cramps, you need to drink more water immediately.

Thermogenic Supplements for Photoshoots

Thermogenic supplements, also known as fat burners, are a longer-term option than diuretics.  You can begin using a thermogenic supplement one to two months before your photoshoot. 

What it is: Thermogenic supplements kick your body into fat-burning mode and boost your metabolism. 

What it does: Ingredients like caffeine, green tea, L-tyrosine, and more, increase your metabolism, increase your body heat, and often increase your energy levels, so you’re also working harder during your workouts. The idea is to shred as much excess body fat as possible, so when you take a diuretic supplement on the day of your photo shoot, your muscles look shredded and vascular. 

Keep in mind that ingredients can vary from supplement to supplement, so always read labels and research effective dosing for your bodyweight. You should also consider talking with your primary care physician before you begin any supplement regimen. Remember that these are aesthetic tricks to help you look your absolute best on shoot day, not diet and lifestyle tips.

Richard Penrose founded Supplement Superstore in 2014 after being in various facets fitness and wellness industry. His passion for fitness and wellness was the result of years of helping customers on the front line of the industry and the gratification when they were able to reach those goals successfully. Supplement Superstore is aimed at providing a wide choice of high quality supplements and unmatched customer service in the Canadian and US markets in order to help customers reach their health, wellness and fitness goals. 


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