Light Painting Boudoir Photography

Emily and I figured we’d put a different twist on a boudoir style photoshoot – we’re going light painting!

I absolutely love doing fitness style portraits against a plain black background.  They’re super clean, and we can create some awesome dramatic lighting against it.  I’ve been shooting fitness portraits for years this way, and I figured what the hell, it’s time to level this shit up, right?! Can we do boudoir and beauty too?

And obviously I needed an awesome model to help me test all this out.  And one of my favourites, personal trainer extraordinaire Emily Adams was happy to play!

I’ve worked with Emily several times over the past year.  Emily really enjoys different, experimental portraits.  And damn, we’re experimenting all right!

Now, if you’re looking to compete in a CPA bikini competition, or are looking for a personal trainer or lifestyle coach, she’s your girl. Hit her up HERE!

Interested in a similar type of session for yourself? Contact me HERE!

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