Vancouver Pro Am 2021 – CPA Wellness

The Vancouver Pro Am took place on a Tuesday and Wednesday in December this year, quite a far cry from the usual second weekend in July.  And we actually had to scramble a little bit to get this photoshoot figured out.  Why?  Because our *cough* illustrious Dr Bonnie Henry decided she was going to order all gyms to shut down the day after the show.  And of course, the day after our show is when we do all of our post-show shoots!

We were originally going to do our shoot at West Coast Iron, but Ol’ Bonnie decided she wasn’t going to let that happen.  (Do I sound kind of salty over the gyms being shit down again?  You’re damn right I am.  F’n GARBAGE decision.)

But we weren’t going to let her ruin the magic we had planned.  We decided to bring things into the studio to do some killer fitness portraits, as well as a few experimental ones, which may or may not end up killer.  Ya just never know!  (Spoiler alert: They were pretty damn killer)

Cristina competed in the new Wellness division at the Vancouver Pro Am 2021, and when she showed up to the studio the next day, she looked AMAZING!!

Her husband Joe came as well, and he’s an equally cool human.  He’s a competitor as well, so we all got to shoot the shit on bodybuilding together.  

I am seriously BEYOND stoked on how these photos turned out.  Can’t wait to see what kinds of improvements Cristina brings to the CPA stage next year!

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