Lucha Libre Spectacular | TRIOS TRIOS TRIOS at The Waldorf

Ahhhh, Lucha Libre wrestling at The Waldorf in Vancouver! This event was promoted by the incomparable Kobra Kai, who always put on some of the most original and innovated independent professional wrestling shows. So without further adieu, September 25 2021, the TRIOS TRIOS TRIOS Lucha Libre wrestling spectacular!

Match 1: Christopher Ryseck, Shreddz & Angelica Vs Sebastian Wolf, Kato & Tony Machete

Match 2: Tony Baroni Vs Taryn From Accounting

Match 3: “Clutch” Jessie V Vs Anton

Match 4: Mark Wheeler & Taylor Rising vs. Artemis Spencer & Nicole Matthews

Match 5: BATTLE ROYALE: Intro for Tigre Blanco, Christopher Ryseck, Shreddz, Jessie V, Angelica, Anton, Taryn From Accounting, Evan Rivers, Tony Machete, Kato, Battle Wasp, Malik Melo, Sebastian Wolfe, Numi, and Adam Ryder

Match 6: Christopher Ryseck, Shreddz & Angelica Vs Sebastian Wolfe, Kato & Tony Machete

Match 7: Gender Reveal Match: Boy Baby (Tony Baroni) Vs. Girl Baby (Taryn From Accounting), with special guest referee Melody Mangler

A little backstory here, show promotor Kobra Kai, along with his gorgeous wife Calamity Kate, are expecting! The winner of this match represents the gender of the baby. And no, Kobra Kai and Calamity Kate did NOT know the outcome going into this match!

Match 8: Hair vs Mask Tag Match: Battle Wasp & Kobra Kai Vs Suge & Malik Melo w/ Coco (Special Guest Referee: Melody Mangler)

Match 9: Artemis Spencer vs Huracan Ramirez Jr

I had a special request going into this match from Artemis Spencer. You see, Huracan Ramirez Jr is known for his amazing hurricanranas, so he asked me to keep an extra eye open for that move. So I caught the move TWICE for him.

Also, in my wrestling days, how come I never got an entrance like Huracan Ramirez Jr? Damnit!!

LFS Dance Team

Match 10: Mark Wheeler, Jessie V & Taylor Rising Vs Tony Baroni, Evan Rivers & Nicole Matthews

Match 11: Lambda & Delta (Jayden & Anton) Vs Dos 1 & Dos 2 (Mailk & Coco) * Run-ins by Donald Trump (Shreddz) and Dr. Bonnie Henry (Kelsie Lee)

Match 12: Adam Ryder Vs Tigre Blanco w/ Numi


Keep an eye open for Kobra Kai’s next pro wrestling event – November 12, 2021 at the Rickshaw in Vancouver: DESTROY WRESTLING! “Back from Hell”

It’s been a Hell of a long time since there has been live wrestling at the Rickshaw theatre and the Demons from Wrestling-Hell won’t wait any longer! On November 12, 2021, Destroy Wrestling: Back from Hell! will be unleashed in Vancouver! Watch as your favourite wrestling heroes fight back against the wrestling-demons from Hell as Vancouver’s own, Demon Cleaver, play their own brand of pain and suffering heavy metal to the action.

The Demi-God of Death, Funny Bone. The raunchy rock and roller, Calamity Kate. The handsomest hero in wrestling, Artemis Spencer. The human highlight reel with sex appeal, Adam Ryder. The tattooed fireball, Melody Mangler. The New West Ninja, Nicole Matthews. Uncle Daddy, Tony Baroni and many more.

The Golden Gun, Mark Wheeler. The Clutch, Jessie V. The Standard, Taylor Rising. The White Russian, Anton Alexiev.

Live music from Hell’s own heavy metal house band, Demon Cleaver!

What is going going to go down at Destroy Wrestling: Back from Hell! Who the Hell knows??? But it’s gonna be a Hell of a good time!

Get your tickets at

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