Mandy Urner IFBB Pro visits The Dragon’s Lair in Las Vegas

We haven’t been to Vegas in so long (thanks for nothing, Covid) that so many new gyms had popped up since we were last there.  One of which is Dragon’s Lair, which comes to you courtesy of one of the greatest 212 champions of all time, Flex Lewis.

The vibe at this gym is INSANE.  Great equipment, insane murals, positive energy, all the things you’d expect from a world class gym.

Naturally, we had to do a little photo shoot while we were here!

Mandy Urner was just a few days removed from the Wings of Strength / Arizona Pro, and she looked AWESOME.

And the blonde lady in the photos at the bottom? That’s Mandy’s mom, aka Canadian Nationals 2017 Figure Champ, Terry Aleksic!

And we ran into some cool people as well!

Such as The Ukrainian Terminator

Mandy, The Ukrainian Terminator, Terry, and Ray

And of course, Mr 212 himself, the legendary Flex Lewis! Such a genuine and friendly dude – chatted for a good 15 minutes about life and lifting, as well as the brief history of Dragon’s Lair Las Vegas. Awesome stuff.

Terry, FLex Lewis, Mandy, and Ray

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